Best Clean Eating Food Blogs Around

We’ve already told you about all the amazing benefits of clean eating here.  Clean eating is better fuel for you and helps you choose a healthier lifestyle.  Here we’ve listed some of our favorite clean eating blogs.

  1. Lexi’s Clean Kitchen – Lexi’s take on clean eating does not sacrifice taste.  With recipes for buffalo chicken dip and Sriracha lime chicken chopped salad, Lexi keeps clean eating fun and tasty. Recipes are also usually paleo-friendly, gluten free, and dairy free.  She also has a beauty and blog section where she goes over her favorite skincare products and travels.

    clean blog
  2. Sprouted Kitchen – Sprouted Kitchen is run by Sara Forte.  Her recipes are mainly vegetarian and use quirky combinations such as corn and goat cheese pizza ans mushroom, millet, and leek frittatas.  Sprouted Kitchen also has two cook books out; Sprouted Kitchen: A Tastier Take on Whole Foods and Bowl + Spoon.

    clean blog 2
  3. Minimalist Baker – Portland couple Dana and John take cooking back to basics.  All recipes only need 10 or less ingredients, one bowl or pot, and can be made in 30 minutes or less.  Many of their recipes are plant based and are gluten-free.  Their blog is ideal for a vegan lifestyle.  Somme highlight dishes include crispy peanut tofu cauliflower rice stir fry and peanut butter and jelly muffins.

    clean blog 3
  4. Kath Eats Real Food – A registered dietitian, Kath Younger knows her food.  She also blogs regularly about exercise, housekeeping, and lifestyle topics.  She also runs, which focuses on pregnancy and motherhood.  Recipes include delights such as sweet bacon blue cheese oatmeal and gorgonzola avocado dip.

    clean blog 4
  5. The Iron You – Run by triathalon and Ironman Mike, The Iron You focuses on healthy eating and exercise for a stronger and more fit body.  Recipes generally are paleo-friendly and use superfood ingredients such as the goji berry smoothie.  Other fun recipes include high protein zucchini parmesan and Jamaican jerk chicken with mango salsa.  The blog also provides Mike’s insights on exercise topics and well being
    clean blog 5


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