Aqua Cycle Is Not Your Normal Spin Class

Aqua cycling has come stateside.  Aqua cycling is the new group fitness trend, popularized in New York City at the Aqua Studio.  The class is similar to a regular cycle class, but the bikes are in a pool where you pedal against waist deep water.  The workout is supposed to be more soothing and is a fun way to change up a workout, especially if you are bored with your normal spin class.

aqua cycle 2

Aqua Studios claim many benefits to aqua cycling.  The most enticing is the potential to burn calories.  According to their website, you can burn up to 800 calories per hour in water.  The water resistance pressure and support allows better blood circulation.  The increased blood flow allows for a better workout that reduces fatigue in the legs unlike a regular cycle class.  The water pressure also reduces pressure on joints, making aqua cycling an ideal workout for those with joint or weight problems that puts pressure on the knees.  The water based exercise also reduces chances of soreness.

Aqua Studios is only in New York City TriBeCa for the time being.  Classes are every day and include interval training and pre/postnatal classes.  Classes have a maximum of 14 guests, providing an intimate experience.  Many classes are women only, but there are Men Special classes three times a week.  All classes are about 45 minutes in length.  Aqua Studio also offers an introductory offer of $35 for one class within 30 days or $150 for unlimited classes within 30 days.  Regular members can choose between packages ranging from $34 for one class to $320 for 8 classes a month.  While aqua cycling is only in New York for now, the trend is quickly spreading throughout the U.S. and may be available at a gym near you soon.

aqua cycle 1

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