Why You Should Be Long Distance Running

Running is one of the most popular forms of cardio.  It can be done almost anywhere and is easy to pick up.  Running has been shown to be a mood boosting activity.  Just 30 minutes of walking can be beneficial to those who are suffering from depressive disorders.  Running allows fitness enthusiasts to have more options to lead a healthy lifestyle, especially those who live in an urban environment where a gym may be hard to find.  Long distance running is a great option for people who want to stay fit wherever they go.  Here are our top reasons for taking up long distance running.

Making Goals – One of the best parts about running is that you can continuously make new goals.  You can always try to increase your distance or lower your time.  A great way to start is simply alternating walking and running a mile.  After that, increase the distance with alternating paces until you can run the full distance you are working towards.

Plenty of Opportunities – Many cities have opportunities for 5ks, half marathons, and full marathons.  There are nation wide organizations like The Color Run and Race for the Cure.  You can also research local races.  Races are held all year round in most locations.

Meet Others – Another great reason to get involved in long distance running is to meet other fit individuals who share your same interests.  You can make friends during the race by simply talking with others or see if there are any festivities following the race.  Races are a great place to find a running partner or anyone who may share your enthusiasm for healthiness and working out.

You Can Show Off – Many races offer T shirts or other swag bags at the finish line.  Wearing race T shirts around town will also help attract others with your same goals.  Of course, there is the medal for the winner of the race.  If you are the type of the person who is motivated by rewards for hard work, races can be a great place to work for another prize.

Increase Your Fitness – Of course with added distance comes added health benefits.  Increasing your mileage will burn more calories and increase your endurance.  Running is popular not just because it’s easy to start, but because it has great fitness and health benefits.


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