Athleisure – Look Cool, Feel Comfortable

Athleisure is the most comfortable fashion movement sweeping the nation.  Increased popularity in active lifestyles have led consumers to have more choices in athletic wear.  Top brands like Nike and Puma have started collaborating with celebrities such as Kanye West and Rihanna to create fashion-forward athletic wear that can move from the track to the streets.  Other celebrities have made entire brands of fashionable athletic wear such as Kate Hudson’s wildly popular Fabletics clothing subscription, Carrie Underwood’s Calia sportswear, and Beyonce’s Ivy Park line for Nordstrom.

ivy park

These more contemporary offerings have led consumers to wear sportswear not only to the gym, but out and about as well.  Suddenly joggers, sports shorts, and sports bras as tops are visible anywhere from the grocery store to college campuses.  Popular and trendsetting brands like Nike, Lulu Lemon, and Adidas have made it acceptable to wear athletic wear everywhere.  The appeal lies in the comfortable nature of athletic clothes.  Modern consumers love to look cool without having to dress in more traditional clothing.

Athletic wear can be worked into outfits in many ways.  One of the easiest ways is to wear athletic shoes with any outfit.  You can also follow celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner and opt for sports leggings instead of jeans or pants. Sports bras can be worn under thin shirts or jackets for a layered look.  How will you wear athleisure?

athleisure 1
athleisure 2
athleisure 3

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