10 Beautiful Smoothie Bowls for a Clean Breakfast

Breakfast is now served cold and with a spoon.  Smoothie bowls have become the latest health food trend, most popularly on Instagram.  The concept is the same as a drinkable smoothie, but it is served in a bowl often with hearty toppings.  Waking up with a filling and healthy meal can be one of the best ways to kick-start your day and keep you energized.  Smoothie bowls are a great new way to integrate smoothies that would be otherwise too thick to drink into your morning routine.  You can also add fresh fruit, granola, or chia seeds on top to make the meal more filling.  For a pre-workout smoothie bowl, add protein powder.  Smoothie bowls are especially easy to prepare if you bag the ingredients ahead of time in the freezer.  In the morning, just take out the desired smoothie bag and add your liquid of choice.

Hello friends, how are you today? I've started summer holidays today, and spent the afternoon in a hammock watching clouds drifting by 😊☀️☁️ So relaxing! And felt like having a fresh fruity chocolate bowl, one for hubby, one for me🍓🍫 Many people ask me who drinks all the smoothies I make, we all do. Kids mostly drink fruity ones, allthought my oldest many times asks for spirulina smoothie. Very rarely we save them for the next day, as smoothies are the best when fresh. ❤️ Enjoy 1st of June! Chocolate bowls for two 🤗 -1 avocado -2 fruits -2 scoops of @superelixir nourishing chocolate protein -100ml rolled oats -2 tbsp chia seeds -plant based milk -Mix together in a blender for creamy chocolatey raw porridges.

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